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Software Documentation Articles

This page contains links to useful articles about documenting software, including documenting relational database servers such as SQL Server and MySQL.

Although software used to have to be documented manually, there are now some great time saving tools to assist with the documentation process. Code documentors are available for a wide range of programming languages. They greatly assist with the software documentation process by automatically compiling software documentation from application source code.

Modern programming languages like Java, C# and VB.NET have defined standards for documenting their source code. There are many tools that can take the comments from the source code and use them to create annotated software documentation. This is an especially useful feature for fully object orientated languages such as Java and C#, as it is possible to create comprehensive documentation for the code’s classes.

It is also possible to automatically document databases. More recent version of SQL Server allow database entities to have a description field associated with them. This allows some good quality documentation to be generated if the database designers, DBA’s and software developers make use of these fields.


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