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Documentation for C#

C# is one of the many different programming languages supported by the .NET Framework. The .NET Framework itself allows a wide range of applications to be created, from desktop applications, console applications, ASP.NET web applications and web services.

C# has a similar syntax to Java. It is fully object orientated, consisting of namespaces, classes, methods and properties. The .NET Framework is supplied with a large number of classes, and this class library may be extended through the writing of more custom classes.

When creating C# applications it is highly recommended that XML comments are included in the application's source code. XML comments are the standard way of documenting C# source code.

Once XML comments are included in a C# application's source code, the application then becomes largely self documenting. An easy to use code documentor such as the .NET Documentation Tool can then extract the comments from the C# source code and build comprehensive technical documentation for that C# application. This means that at the end of a project there is no longer the rush to create the technical documentation, and the development team can focus on important tasks such as last minute changes, testing and application deployment.

C# Documentation Tool
Source code documentor for C# source code
Download:  C# Documentation Tool

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