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Server Monitoring Software

Server monitoring software is essential for providing robust computing services to your internal users and customers. By avoiding downtime of mission critical hardware and software these monitoring tools can quickly pay for themselves many times over.

There are a wide range of server monitoring software solutions, including:

General network monitoring software can ensure that there are no issues with mission critical infrastructure such as switches, routers and DNS servers.

Server monitoring software provides peace of mind by ensuring that essential IT infrastructure does not fail, leading to application and network downtime. Having reliable IT infrastructure is especially important now that web applications, mobile applications and other IT infrastructure are expected to be available 24/7. Failure of software or servers can also be costly for businesses that generate income through their IT services such as telecoms providers and ecommerce operators.

Monitoring software for applications and databases can go beyond simple pinging of servers, ensuring that the applications hosted on the servers themselves are functioning properly rather than just the machine itself being available.


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